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Why do babies like to be rocked?

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Sometimes babies are nervous, tired, or just not sure why they are crying or protesting. No matter why our babies are nervous or crying, there is something that almost always works to cradle the baby.

When we hold the baby in our arms and swing him gently, or when we place him in his crib or trolley and move him in a rhythmic and harmonious motion, as if by magic the baby relaxes and falls asleep.

But why do babies like to be cuddled?

Cradle the baby is the movement we make when we rock the baby in our arms. Babies love to be rocked in their arms, why does this happen? Let's see why:

The rhythmic and harmonic movements that take place with the swing are similar to the movements that the baby perceived inside the mother's womb protected by a liquid medium. To cradle the baby implies a rhythmic and rhythmic movement similar to the one you noticed during gestation.
When we take the baby in our arms and cradle him, the sensation resembles gestation for other reasons: the baby notices the beating of the heart, it is the same sound that he heard in the mother's womb.

You can also feel the warmth and affection of another person and this will help you meet their needs affection, feel safe and relax.

What happens when we cradle the baby?

There are a number of things that happen when we cradle the baby:

  • The rhythmic movements that we make when we rock your baby help him to adjust his breathing and heart rate.
  • In addition, the movement favors digestion and helps to expel gases.
  • The baby's sensation reminds him of the time when he was inside the womb and gives him a feeling of protection and security.
  • The baby has a sense of physical security, feels protected and also feels loved .

Is it good to cradle the baby?

There is a double aspect between those who defend that it is good to hold the baby and those who on the contrary defend that by doing so we can spoil them.

Holding the baby in your arms is good for the baby and for us, as it helps us to strengthen the bond and generates positive feelings.


Holding the baby in your arms and rocking him does not make him or her a spoiled child. Cradling will give you security and confidence and you will grow up to be a safe little girl.


Cradle the baby is the best option to relax him and contributes to his affective development.


When the baby feels cradled, it feels a pleasant sensation. When the baby rocks following a harmonic rhythm, it synthesizes Oxytocin, and experiences well-being and pleasure.


Rocking the baby is a good option, not only babies and children, and even adults experience pleasant sensations when we swing, in a swing, in a rocking chair, and so on.

Although there was a time when it was considered that newborns should not be abused or spend too much time rocking, the truth is that when they are very young they are grateful to spend time in the arms of the parents and does not imply any kind of harm to the child later on. So if you're one of those who can enjoy taking care of babies, remember these tips we'll give you and keep going.

Steps to follow:

  1. Although there are some pedagogues who assure that the child is spoiled from an early age if too much attention is paid to it by rocking it, the fact is that the safety and comfort that the baby experiences helps him to get used to being outdoors.
  2. Clearly, the baby is still getting used to feeling the air in his skin, to hearing loud noises, away from the tibia and watery protection of his mother's womb. So, to help her assimilate all the new stimuli, it's a good idea to make her feel accompanied.
  3. During the first few weeks, your baby should be given all the soothing comfort he or she needs. Rocking them to sleep or when they are crying is not something that parents should deny them; perhaps later, around 6-8 weeks, parents can begin to introduce the concept of self-calming so that the child can sleep alone.
  4. The bottom line is that you can't spoil a child under 3 months old or have them learn bad habits about rocking. So go ahead, rock your baby as much as you or he wants.
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