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Spoiled Babies: Learn to Balance Care

Protect him, but don't keep him from getting dirty or running around the garden.

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All mothers adore our little ones and fill them with attention, especially when they are babies, however; it is important to learn to balance the care we give them during their growth. It's not the same to protect them from electrical outlets, wires or doors as it is to keep them from getting dirty, running in the garden or jumping on sand or mud. Be careful, there are cares that could be counterproductive.


"No parent likes to hear their child cry, but limits need to be set, because they might end up making their child too cocky. And this will cause problems when he's in school because he could be very conflictive with his classmates," the experts warn.


In that sense, you need to learn how to handle tantrums intelligently. The ideal in these cases is to ignore them, even if it's difficult. If you get used to receiving everything you ask because you make scandals, your alarm should go off and you'd better put a stop to the situation," advise the specialists.


The best thing is to let him know that you are there for him, but when he falls, reassure him with your words and make him stand up alone. He or she, unconsciously, will put this principle into practice in his life.

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